Digital records

Personal data of patients, health records, performed interventions, therapy plan, writing findings and opinions, etc. documents are safely saved in Dentify. Available on all devices and outside the doctor’s office, 100% online.

Appointment scheduler

Personalize the calendar according to the needs of the practice. Display the calendar by doctors or rooms/offices. Add labels and colors, define the doctor’s working hours. Calendar display for 1, 2, 3 or 7 days.


The most flexible account editing. Issuing invoices in English, German, French, Slovenian, etc. languages, as well as in other currencies. Add discount, advances, payment terms, define guarantees, controls.

Public patient registration

Patients fill out the digital record themselves via their mobile phones or devices in the doctor’s office. Patients scan the QR code posted at the information desk of the office or by sending a registration link to an email or SMS.

SMS/email reminders

Automated sending of SMS or e-mail reminders to the patient 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Sending reminders for control 6 months after the patient’s last visit, as well as sending a birthday card.

Digital signature

Consent to save the patient’s data through a digital signature during the creation of the patient’s digital record or during the patient’s public registration. Store your patients’ data only with the written consent of the patient.

Dentify is the best solution for:

Administrative management of the practiceEditing of accountsCreation of a therapy planOnline appointment schedulingPatient records

Patient recordsCreation of a therapy planOnline appointment scheduling

Adapt to the needs of the dental practice, because Dentify is the most flexible dental practice management software. Maximize your dental practice’s efficiency and productivity with our cutting-edge, cloud-based dental software. Designed specifically for dental practices, our software is the ultimate solution to streamline your operations and provide a seamless experience for both your staff and patients. With our innovative technology, you can easily manage appointments, patient records, billing and more – all in one place. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional software and hello to the future of dental practice management.

Do you want to predefine the patient’s digital record or add your list of interventions?

Dentify Mobile App

Download the Dentify app for free. Access your practice account anytime, anywhere. Unlimited access.




How has Dentify solved the problem for many Dental practices?

Wasting time searching for information from your patients is a thing of the past thanks to public patient registration in Dentify software. Make it easier for employees in the office. Do not let your patients wait in the waiting room for several hours. Organize the appointment schedule, Dentify will notify your patient 24 hours before the appointment. Patients often choose time over quality because of the wait, so don’t leave anything to chance. you can save the amount of important information that passes through the office, which you need to remember, in Dentify. With Dentify, you are guaranteed the best organization, the highest security and data protection.

Why choose Dentify software for your dental office?

Why do dentists choose Dentify?

Dentify is a comprehensive dental software program designed to support, improve and optimize the administrative management of dental offices of any size. The our dental software program was designed and developed so that the staff of your office can use it easily and quickly. It helps you to streamline all aspects of your practice. You will always be able to monitor your patient’s condition faster and in more detail, which creates a better standard for your dental office.

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the country uses Dentify
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