Why choose Dentify?

...because it is the best program for your practice...because it is the first cloud software...because it has been successfully existing for 6 years

The reason why practices switch to cloud software is to improve the administrative management of the practice, as well as the availability of all information or data outside the practice.

Thanks to modern technologies, you can store all patient data in one place, which is securely stored, always available, and the risk of data loss is reduced to 0%.

Dentify cloud or cloud software allows you to access data even when you are away from the office, because cloud technology allows access to your account on all devices, regardless of where you are.

Advantages of Dentify cloud software are:

  • data is safely saved

  • the software is updated automatically

  • no installation on the computer is required

  • there are no additional costs other than the monthly/annual subscription

  • customer support always available

SMS/email reminders

Da li Vaši pacijenti zaborave ili kasne na zakazani termin?

Automatsko slanje SMS/mejl podsjetnika prilikom pravljenja termina u kalendaru.
Funkcija koju će Vaši pacijenti obozavati. Zahvaljujući SMS/mejl podsjetniku izbjegnite pretjeranu guzvu u čekaonici.


Vaša stomatološka ordinacija nudi usluge dentalnog turizma ?

Zelite kroz klik dva da napravite predračun pacijentu? Pismene garancije mozete definisati u okviru računa, kao i uslove plaćanja. Pisanje posebnih napomena u okviru računa ili štampanje/preuzimanje računa kroz klik.

Why choose Dentify software for your dental office?

Why do dentists choose Dentify?

Dentify is a comprehensive dental software program designed to support, improve and optimize the administrative management of dental offices of any size. The our dental software program was designed and developed so that the staff of your office can use it easily and quickly. It helps you to streamline all aspects of your practice. You will always be able to monitor your patient’s condition faster and in more detail, which creates a better standard for your dental office.

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the country uses Dentify
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