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Become part of our big familyTogether, we collaborate on the digitalization of your dental clinic.

Become part of our big family

Dentify was founded in 2017. The original idea was to create a digital file for patients. However, listening to the needs of dentists, we have improved Dentify with all the functions that a dental office needs, regardless of the size of the office. Our goal was for digital technology to come to life in dental practices. We created a digital solution that makes it easier for hundreds of dentists to manage their practice on a daily basis.

We have created the best solution for all dental practices that want to improve and facilitate their business. We have been present on the market for more than 6 years and we are the leading software in the digitization of office management, we were created with the aim of helping dentists to manage their offices more efficiently. Our commitment to the future and digitalization means that we are always one step ahead of others and we are constantly improving our program to adapt to your needs.

Dentify was developed with the goal of being easy to use, but at the same time highly functional, allowing you to focus on providing quality dental care to your patients. Thanks to the Dentify program, keeping patient records is easy and fast, which saves you time and increases the quality of the service you provide.

We are one big family, dedicated to every client and every user of our program. Our program is unique and innovative, and we are proud to have become the first choice of dental offices throughout the Balkans. See for yourself why we are market leaders and why clients trust us. Choose Dentify and make your dental practice even more successful.