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SMS/E-mail remainders

Delay or non-arrival of patients for the scheduled appointment is a thing of the past with the Dentify application. Notifying the patient via SMS or e-mail 24 hours before the scheduled appointment is a “must have” for every practice. A reminder for a regular check-up 6 months after the last visit is also automatically sent to patients as an SMS or email notification. Patients are especially happy with a birthday card, because you are a practice that thinks of its patients.

Dentify also thinks about your patients and sends notifications to patients for you.

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SMS/email reminders

Do your patients forget or are late for their appointments?

Automatic sending of SMS/email reminders when making an appointment in the calendar.
A function that your patients will love. Thanks to the SMS/email reminder, avoid overcrowding in the waiting room.


Does your dental practice offer dental tourism services?

Do you want to create an estimate for the patient with two clicks? You can define written guarantees within the invoice, as well as payment terms. Writing special notes in the invoice frame or printing/downloading the invoice with a click.

Why choose Dentify software for your dental office?

Why do dentists choose Dentify?

Dentify is a comprehensive program designed to support, improve and optimize the administrative management of dental offices of any size. The program was designed and developed so that the staff of your office can use it easily and quickly. It helps you to streamline all aspects of your practice. You will always be able to monitor your patient’s condition faster and in more detail, which creates a better standard for your dental office.

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